Figure Drawing
With Ulan Moore
Saturdays 10:30am-1:30pm

Extended Pose

Session Dates: March 11-April 1

Our own Ulan Moore has reorganized the Figure Drawing Class to appeal to all mediums and all levels of detail starting with moving the class from once a month to every Saturday. WHAT!?!?! That is right, every single Saturday.

*Extended Pose: 1 pose over the course of 4-8 sessions.

*Nude Pose: Nude Models open to artists 18 years of age and older only due to nude model content.

*Clothed Pose: Clothed Models Open to ages 14 - 99

*Costume Pose: Models with more Elaborate costumes and accessories open to ages 14 - 99

Bring your sketch pad, clay, or paints and settle in for a evening of traditional study for art enthusiasts!  

Members: $12 per$40 for a month pass     Non-Members: $15 per class or $45 for a month pass