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Silverton Arts Association

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Park House Preschool

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A Play Based,
Waldorf Inspired,
Preschool for 3-5 year olds
317 Coolidge St, Silverton
(In Coolidge-McClaine Park)
Is this an art school?
While the mission of Silverton Arts Association includes increasing public awareness of the arts through education, preschool children use art primarily as a form of communication. Their paintings, sculptures, and drawings may not be a “picture,” but a story they need or want to tell. It may be an expression of emotion, or an exploration of their environment through materials. Students at The Park House Preschool will receive instruction in the basics of visual art, and meaningful experiences in music, movement, and dramatic play, but the arts act as a backdrop to the curriculum, and as a tool for children to communicate and express themselves. We feature a monthly famous artist and create
projects inspired by their styles.

The Park House preschool is a play-based, Waldorf inspired preschool located in Silverton, Oregon. At The Park House children are invited to play, explore and imagine in a loving environment led with the natural
world at their own developmental pace. Daily activities provide a comforting and reliable rhythm. Watercolor painting, songs, nature walks, and stories honor the natural world and changing seasons. The children learn to play harmoniously with an established circle of friends. Outside, children will discover and play in natural settings. Inside and outdoor activities are set up based upon the children's interest, while also helping them develop a curiosity and appreciation for nature. Our days move gently through activities, with transitions that are invited through song or verse.
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Free play is the way children practice being in the world, how they test ideas, solve problems, and find enjoyment. It lays a foundation for creative thinking, enriches imagination, and encourages social relationships.

As children play, they will experience growth in all areas of development:

* Small Motor Skills: stringing small objects, picking up treasures, using crayons & pencils, scissors, eyedroppers, tongs

* Cognitive Growth: puzzles, wooden blocks, games, science activities, magnets, magnifying glasses

* Social & Emotional Growth: dramatic play center, real / pretend cooking, dressing-up, playing with cars, castles, trains, and dollhouses

* Language Growth: morning meeting, singing, poetry, language games, stories

* Large Motor Skills: nature walks, climbing equipment, music and movement, dancing

Tuition - 4 day program
$3000/year or 10 payments of $300/month

Monday – Thursday 9:00-12:00
We use the same calendar of holidays as Silver Falls School District

Rhythm of the Day:
9:00-9:45 Exploration
9:45-9:55 Clean Up
9:55-10:05 Morning Meeting
10:05-10:25 Music and Movement
10:30-10:55 Healthy Snack Time
10:55-11:15 Outdoor Play
11:20-11:50 Art
11:50-12:00 Reflection
12:00 Good-bye!

Thank you for your interest!
The first step in the application process is to schedule a visit and tour
at The Park House Preschool.

Please contact Teacher Tina directly to schedule a visit
and answer any questions you may have.

Phone: (503)873-6390