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Food Vendor Application

The Silverton Fine Arts Festival (SFAF) is held in Silverton, Oregon, August 18 & 19, 2018. WHEREAS, the below listed Vendor desires to sell food and/or beverages at said Silverton Fine Arts Festival: and WHEREAS, Vendor warrants compliance with all SFAF contract requirements:


1. Vendor Duties and Responsibilities. The Vendor will:

a)  Complete all application procedures as set forth in this contract complete along with menu & pricing.

b)  Comply with all Marion County Health Division food handling requirements during all Festival hours, including the obtaining of licenses and food handlers permits. Copies of these documents must be submitted to the SFAF by June 1st, 2018.

c)  Adequately staff booth during Festival hours and inform all personnel of site rules and layout.

d)  Provide professional booth and food preparation facility, including tent or other covering structure approved by SFAF, in the location designated by SFAF.

e)  Adhere strictly to the menu approved by SFAF. SFAF has the right to deny display and sale of unapproved or inappropriate items.

f) Serve food/drinks in only biodegradable or recyclable containers. (Vendors using Styrofoam will not be invited back next year.)

g)  Provide SFAF with a current Certificate of Liability Insurance showing amount of coverage not less than $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars) with (2) Loss Payee names: City of Silverton & Silverton Arts Association.

h)  Have paid the non-refundable $30 application fee with this completed application. (online payments through the store or make checks payable to "Silverton Fine Arts Festival")

i)  You will be notified of your application approval or denial.

j)   If selected, you must pay your total booth fee (specified below) by date on acceptance letter (online payments through the store or make checks payable to "Silverton Fine Arts Festival").

k)   Be responsible for ice and proper refrigeration of all parishable food during the Festival.

l)   Provide appropriate connections to electrical power boxes.

m)   Clean booth area at Festival closing, including recycling and refuse disposal at designated sites.

2.   Silverton Fine Arts Festival (SFAF) Duties and Obligations. SFAF will:

a)   Provide a standard 10' x 20' ($500) or 10' x 10' ($250) booth space, unless other arrangements have been made by prior written agreement. (Larger space requirements for trailer hitch, etc, can be accommodated for a nominal additional fee)

b)  Provide electrical power, portable water, garbage and waste disposal, recycling services and minimal overnight security.

3.  General Terms:

a)  Any and all changes to this contract or other agreements between Vendor and SFAF must be submitted in writing, signed by both parties and attached to this agreement.

b)  All notices required by this contract shall be in writing and mailed to the registered addressee.

c)  Noncompliance with requirements may preclude participation in any future Silverton Fine Arts Festival.

I/We certify that I/we am/are physically fit to participate in the Silverton Fine Arts Festival. I/We waive all rights and claims that I/we might have against the Silverton Fine Arts Festival, its Board of Directors, or the City of Silverton and their agents for damages which I/we might suffer through participating in the Silverton Fine Arts Festival.
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