MEMBERS MONHLY PASS: Extended Pose Figure Study with Ulan Moore - March 11- April 1 Session


Starting January 14, 2017! Our own Ulan Moore has reorganized the Figure Drawing Class to appeal to all mediums and all levels of detail starting with moving the class from once a month to every Saturday. WHAT!?!?! That is right, every single Saturday.  

Extended Pose: 1 pose over the course of 4-8 sessions.

Nude Pose: Nude Models open to artists 18 years of age and older only due to nude model content.

Clothed Pose: Clothed Models Open to ages 14 - 99

Costume Pose: Models with more Elaborate costumes and accessories open to ages 14 - 99

The varying pose lengths and clothing options allow artists to learn vague detailed art as well as the more detailed are of shadowing and how fabric drapes on a human form.Working with a live model is an invaluable opportunity for any artist. Please Enjoy!!!


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